Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Favorite Search Engine

Why I prefer Google

In the following very short essay I will discuss why I prefer google to any other search engines. The first reason is technical, specifically that it is the most prolific search engine. The second reason is less tangible, but equally important. Simply put, Google is the "biggest" and most active search engine.  Google has more websites indexed than any other search engine with over 46 billion pages, it's next closest competitor, Bing has only 16 billion pages catalogued.( Secondly Google is also the most search engine with 319 million direct daily searches, once again the next largest competitor Bing, only has 10 million direct daily searches. ( To summarize, Google is the largest and most used search engine.

The second reason I use Google is because of it's ubiquitous. As I wrote this short essay I had to constant backtrack and correct my spelling of Google because I am so used to spelling it lower case and using it as a verb that I do not naturally type it as I would a pronoun. Google has become the "the search engine" in most peoples minds. This status in itself contributes to the search engine's utility as people instinctively think to list their websites on google. The other closely related reason is Google's integration in most of the software that I presently use. As I use both Google's Chrome web browser and Google's Android operating system, Google's search bar is everywhere for me. In Chrome both my url address bar and my homepage are Google search bars. Similarly on my Android, my default search on the phone is Google. I would have to go out of my way to use a search engine besides Google.